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A New Pic Rises     04/05/01

A New pic has risen from AI from Spielberg-DreamWorks SKG fan site who got it from In this pic you can see Haley J Osment, Jude Law and Steven Spielberg.

Take a look..Jono


ai005.jpg (537465 bytes)


AI Full Trailer Finally Here!     01/05/01

Finally the much anticipated Artificial Intelligence trailer is here. It doesn't reveal much about the film but it still looks good. The trailer features Haley Joel Osment with an Robotic Teddy Bear .  It also features the voice of a man. I personally think the trailer is great. See for yourself.

Click here to view trailer at

AI Trailer MP3     01/05/01

Here is a MP3 of the official AI Trailer. Thanks to Spielberg-DreamWorks SKG AI Fan-Site 

AI Trailer MP3 (864kb)


Secret AI Websites?     01/05/01

There has been word going around the web that there is a network of AI Sites posted all over the web that promote the movie that has been directed by Steven Spielberg. Ill keep you posted with more info.


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